The Plant-Based Revolution: My Story

About Me
How I used holistic nutrition to heal myself...

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant (SNHS)

Based in Essex, UK.


Available Treatments
  • Nutritional Counselling

  • Personalised Meal Plans

  • Plant-Based Eating

  • Over 50s Nutrition

  • Menopause Treatment

  • Weight Loss Plans

Abbie Saunders, Holistic Nutrition Consultant (SNHS)

Holistic nutrition is so much more than just learning how to eat; it's about re-establishing your mind-body intuition, understanding what works for you as an individual, and finding the underlying causes of conditions that diminish your ability to thrive. 

As a teenager, I suffered with persistent hormonal problems such as ovarian cysts, irregular periods, and hyperhidrosis. I later developed geographic tongue and suffered from poor digestion, painful bowel movements and chronic tonsil stones. Anxiety and crippling panic disorder began to take over my life, feeding what felt like a never-ending cycle of mental and physical illness.

It took years of trial and error (two years of personal study and three years of academic holistic study) to finally find a way of eating that would brighten my skin, improve my digestion, heal my hormonal problems, increase my energy levels, and reduce my anxiety.

Everyone is different, but there are fundamental building blocks and easy steps to take towards improving your own nutrition and finding balance, free from restrictions and free from ailments. Emphasising a whole-foods plant-based diet changed my life and I am now passionate about teaching this lifestyle to help others change theirs.